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Certificates & Awards

Almadina Misurata Paints Shareholding Company is one of the first Libyan companies working in the field of paints that has obtained the Libyan quality mark, and many international ISO certifications such as:

ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 14001:2015 | ISO 45001:2018

About the certificates of quality granted to the company

  1. 1
    Libyan Quality Mark

    The license is issued by the National Centre for Standardization and Standards in the state of Libya , and the appearance of the quality mark on every product confirming its compliance with the Libyan specifications and technical requirements. The license is not granted for the use of the Libyan Quality Mark except after inspection and field investigation of the validity and safety of all production steps and quality assurance.

    Almadina msiurata paints is the first to obtain the use of this license in Libya, all in 2005-12-27

  2. 2
    ISO 14001 certification

    Is a certificate of conformity to the standard specifications of the environmental management system as it is a set of environmental management systems aimed at achieving further improvement in the protection of the environment and conservation of pollution as the  reduce industry damage to the environment and reduce the economy from the use of energy And raw materials, which opened the way for our products to export to world markets.

    Almadina Msiurata Paints is the first to receive this certificate in Libya, all on 25-09-2009.

  3. 3
    ISO 45001 certification

    is a set of quality systems aimed at minimizing work accidents and providing security and protection for the workplace, workers and attention to occupational safety and health resulting from activities, products and services. This has contributed to the satisfaction of workers Customers and raises morale as a result of increasing the quality of the workplace while maintaining the manpower and other resources, leading to increased profits and reduces costs and reduces production losses.

    Almadina Misuarata Paints first to receive this certificate in Libya on30/06/2021,

  4. 4
    ISO 9001 certification

    which is the certificate of conformity to the standards of the quality management system ISO This international certificate includes what should be the quality system in companies where applied to the institutions that design, produce and sell their products and its is a confirmation that quality is one of the basic pillars On which our operations are based The development of products and services is an indication of our continued efforts to improve our quality management process and in accordance with international standards.

    Obtained by Almadina Misuarata Paints on 09-12-2005

Honest work is the title of success

and never the end of a quality race

Almadina Misurata Paints preferred to rely on itself to take responsibility for its presence in the market and never resorted to a partnership or rely on the tradition of others. But has attracted the best human elements national and trained within its cadres and searched and found all means to reach their products to the highest standards of international quality.

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