,, The first in the paint industry in Libya ,,

Shareholding Libyan company was established in the City of Misurata in 1993 and today its one of ‎the largest paints companies in Libya, which manufactures more than 90 different types of paints, ‎minerals, and insulators for walls. The first Libyan companies working in the field of paints to get  ‎the Libyan quality mark.‎

Manufacture of Paints & Pastes

Almadina Misurata paints is a distinctive Libyan brand in the field of manufacturing all kinds of ‎paints, foundations, and pastes of coating processing.‎

Insulation & Protection Paints

Almadina  Misurata is proud to produce many kinds of protective and insulation paints for all ‎construction and industrial purposes.‎

Coloring & Decoration Accessories

Almadina  Misurata paints is a world of colors, and because each color has value and meaning, ‎we provide wide and multiple choices of elegant and inspiring colors

Service & Sales Centers

Our branches and service centers are equipped with the latest equipment to showcase the ‎products in a simple and modern style, and all staffed by decorative engineers to help you meet ‎your requirements.‎

Almadina Misurata, The First in the Paint Industry in Libya

We work in partnership with the world’s best suppliers of raw materials, we manufacture and manufacture first class products for our customers.

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