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Epoxy MSF 207

Epoxy mortar self-liquidity, final and colored, high chemical resistance and mechanical. Epoxy  glossy colored paint, two compounds , solvent-free, based on  liquid epoxy resin, Selected pigments, quartz , additions, hardener and special amino, used for floors that exposed to chemicals impact and difficult conditions such as chemical factories Floors ,spinning and weaving plants, workshops and distillation units ,  boilers , laundries and dairy plants and for the massacres  , garages, nuclear power plants, Stores, Stairs, hospitals rooms and , facilities , roads .


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Implementing Works

Implementation of the MSF 207 project for the Libyan Iron and Steel Company

Implementing the Epoxy Project MSF 207 for Al-Shifa International Company for Importing Pharmaceuticals

Implementation of the MSF 207 epoxy project for SAFIA  mobilization and desalination of water

Implementation of the MSF 207 project for Sakhr Libya Company for importing cars

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